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Sans titre Bleu/Vert, 2020 - 2023


In 2020 I started two new painting series on paper: Sans titre, Bleu (65 x 50 cm) and Sans titre, Vert (50 x 40 cm).

I developed a specific technique, partly born from my experience in graphics, between painting and printing. The effect of printed images, obtained by using templates and application of paint with a roller, particularly calls to mind techniques of printing like lithography or linotype.

Each image results from its construction and deconstruction in several stages.
It is a translation effect of various pictorial spaces into a new space, based on intuitive perspective.

This technique comes from my searching for the boundary between the unique and the multiple, which corresponds to the basic difference between painting and engraving.


In this work I focus in particular on the representation of cubes, or rather fragments of imaginary architecture, evoking corridors and passages.

Transparent and light, these objects float in an undefined space. They are open, spacious, empty, pierced. Crossed by air and light, they allude to movement, circulation, transition, inspiration and expiration. There is no longer a border between open and closed space, light and shadow, inside and outside, full and empty. These are mental constructions that invite communication, contact and dialog.

Sans titre 63, 2018, acrylique sur papier, 70 x 50 cm

This work was initiated by a painting on paper Sans titre 63, 2018, representing two translucent cubic forms in perspective. With this piece of work, for the first time in the Sans titre series, I introduced the linear perspective.

The superimposed floating surfaces have gained a volume, a body.


The same search led me to experiment with objects in volume, cut into thin planks of wood, halfway between painting and sculpture.

Ancre 1

Sans titre, 2022 – 2023


After several monochromatic experiments in previous years, a desire for color came over me. Painting is above all the color. The motif, figurative or abstract, is only a pretext to paint.

Color helps to observe a juxtaposition of successive planes, a depth, even to experience a sensation of movement. It makes visible all these illusory elements.

And even more, color carries emotion, the essence of all our communications and the essence of the art.

Ancre 2

A large part of these small formats on paper and on canvas were produced in the spring of 2020, during the first confinement due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

I was working on my small kitchen table in monastic calm.

This situation, unimaginable before it happened, from the perspective of time seems to me improbable again... 

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