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Wall painting



Exhibition produced by MAC Arteum, for the Printemps de l'Art Contemporain, with support of La Région Sud and Carte Blanche Arts Visuels MAC Arteum, Châteauneuf-le-Rouge, France, Mai-Juin 2021

The configuration of the place - a long and narrow corridor - presented a challenge to create a wall painting that would never be seen entirely from the front, always in receding perspective or in fragments, both in western reading - from left to right, and eastern - from right to left, on the way back.

I was happy with the result. The reduced distance led the spectators to observe the details, to linger over them.

Then, according to the contract, after the exhibition, I had to repaint the wall in white, to make the fruit of my meticulous work disappear in the same methodical way.
A strange feeling. For comfort, I like to imagine that, protected from view under its thick white layer, it is there, maybe forever, discreet, silent, as if asleep.

3th international festival of the abstract wall painting for De Stijl 100 years. Cultural center Marcel Pagnol, Fos sur Mer, France, Juillet - Août 2017

It was my first such experience. I was nervous. I opted for a simple and monochromatic pattern: a repeated vertical rectangle, suggesting transparency at the overlap parts.

To minimize the risk of bad surprises, I set to work armed with my everyday tools: a small foam roller and acrylic paint.

The first module failed. Changing the scale, it was also necessary to change the tools and find another method. My technique, especially adapted to painting on paper, does not allow correction.

A layer of white and I start again. The wall is still 12 meters long. I hold on, I believe in it, I can do it...

Even if, in the end, I was not really satisfied with the result, I am happy to have taken the risk to do something new, difficult to control, where the possibility of failure was included in the play conditions. Welcoming the unknown, accepting the unexpected, learning, pushing boundaries, overcoming fears, testing myself…

A great experience, all in all.

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