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Exhibition Architextures, duo with Lucie Bitunjac, N5 Galerie, Montpellier, March 2023. Thanks to Ludovic and Dominique.

On the evening of the opening of my exhibition at the Galerie du Tableau, the public was there and my happiness to see so many people there was hardly tainted when the main piece of work fell with a loud crash. (Yes, I had experienced something similar a while ago...)

After a few hours of meticulous regluing, the object came back like new (… or almost), and found its place on the wall.

It reminds me of the various scars that we all bear, more or less visible witnesses of painful moments in our lives, our history, our identity...

February 2019, I invite Jérémy Delhomme to a duo show in Espace GT, in Marseille.

I love this artist and his work. His paintings and drawings resemble him, discreet and silent. However, his works are impressive, firmly embedded in the here and now.

I had wished to exhibit together with Jérémy for some time now.

Our works respond to each other so much and have so many common points!

The hanging works perfectly well, our drawings interact beautifully. I am happy, but not surprised. I was sure of it!

I had the chance to exhibit at La Vigie, in Nîmes, shortly before it closed.

An excellent residency experience and complicated hanging in this demanding place, next to Claire Colin Collin and Catherine Sérikoff.

Many thanks for the invitation to Isabelle Viallat, who ran this unique gallery for many years.

We are left with catalogs, photos and warm memories…

An exhibition in Mirabeau, at the Maison Bleue (Blue House), which should rather be called Red, according to the words of its founder - incorrigible dreamer, friend of artists - unforgettable Fayçal Saadam.

I still miss you, Fayçal.

I was handed a microphone at the opening of my exhibition at the Mia Gallery in Wroclaw, my favorite city in Poland.

I welcomed there the members of my family and friends, who I very seldom see: my cousins, my dear godmother who has since left us; my friends from Art Academy; my parents, who - I think - were proud of me. Everybody was there.

I admit that I have had very few opportunities to exhibit in Poland and I miss it a lot. So I was flattered and I felt wonderfully welcomed.

Magdalena Mielnicka is an excellent gallery owner and organizer, with the calm of Buddha she managed and channeled my stress.

I loved this experience, it would be great to repeat it one day.

A debate, with the participation of Bernard Muntaner, publisher and art critic, Augustin Giovannoni, doctor of philosophy and Lyse Madar, gallery owner, thanks to whom the exhibition took place.

I was invited to comment on proposals for the interpretation of my work from two very high-level speakers.

The words were beyond me, and despite my ten years in France, the sustained language of the two theoreticians was somewhat obscure to me. (With hindsight, I think I was not the only one.)

A little lost, I was hoping that someone in the public would throw me a lifeline.

Fortunately, the friends, ready to rush to my rescue, began to ask more understandable, more approachable questions.

Thank you for being there… I was catching my breath… The discussion took on a more human form, we were finally talking about painting…

I remember very well the exhibition opening during the evening of end-of-year greetings.

There were so many of us at the UPE 13 space, in Marseilles, that I was seriously afraid for the integrity of my paintings.

It was predictable: without delay a piece of work found itself on the ground. Fortunately and by miracle, it was not damaged and, despite everything I have very nice memories of this exhibition.

Since I have had another opportunity to learn that these types of accidents do happen sometimes.

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