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Sans titre, 2017 – 2018


From 2017 my work tends more and more towards minimalism and non-objective art. While keeping a certain free and spontaneous aspect, it sometimes draws on the tradition of geometric abstraction.

The forms, linear and rhythmic, multiply and create groups, piles of lines or ribbons.

The superposition of these features, more or less regular, monochrome and translucent, create in points of convergence new chromatic values ​​or new colors. Forms merge, create knots and moments of tension...


In search of the border between balance and imbalance, static and movement, visually these compositions seems very fragile, about to collapse, like the spillikins game.

The compositions of lines, whose thickness varies from one image to another, were born from my older paintings, in which I superimpose colored and transparent flat areas. The juxtaposed color planes show new colors, new figures and a depth illusion.

The shapes, originally larger and more organic, begin to stretch, lengthen and multiply until they resemble an unknown writing.

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