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Objects, 2005 - 2006

The questioning led me towards the creation of objects-paintings and towards a reflection about the way of existence of colour in space.

I have started a cycle of volumes made of cut and painted flat items. There are plans in colour put in the space.

In figurative painting, items of our usual three-dimensional world are shown on the two dimensions of a picture. I am inverting the situation: from images in two dimensions I am creating volumes.


These poetic objects refer to architecture. They look like some building models. But their functionality is denied by their colour, and by some distortions and disruptions of their proportions.


This is the most personal aspect of my work: carrying a lyrical content it is, for me, a questioning on the modern human condition.

The origins of these shapes in colour lay in some childhood games: when the creation of an imaginary house was possible using any material found around. These making house games are contributing to the construction of one's identity.


The easiness of perpetual deconstruction and reconstruction of my objects is referring to the theme of cultural and spiritual nomadism, hereby signifying successive stages of a self-construction and consciousness.

The uprooting, the moving, the displacement, the culture as a luggage to visit the world again and again, are the items constituting the spine of my productions.

The volumes, of a rather fragile construction, often made with second hand material, of no value, are also a research of the border between stability and instability; resistance and fragility.

Despite their formal lightness, they address a reflection on the flowing of time, the uncertainty and ephemeral of human condition.

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