Izabela Kowalczyk is a French-Polish artist living and working in Marseille, France.

Born in 1975, she grew up in Poland, in the era of transformation of the political system.

In 2002 she obtained her Masters of Art diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łòdź and was a grand-holder of the French government, that allowed her to study at the Aix-en-Provence Art School and obtain a diploma in 2005.


Her early influences were the constructivists from the 30's, artists and architects like Katarzyna Kobro, Władyslaw Strzemiński, Maria Jarema, Kazimierz Malewicz, Aleksander Rodczenko, but also groups The Stijl and Bauhaus.

Izabela's future investment in the questioning of the nature of space and its perception, by searching for a convergence between two-dimensional images and three-dimensional objects had already announced itself by her early fascination for the work of Elsworth Kelly, Sol Le Witt, Frank Stella or David Tremlett.


A residency at Art School in Stuttgart, Germany in 2000 and a stay in London, UK in 2001 let her discover, among others, Tony's Cragg sculptures oscillating between an abstraction and a kind of figuration remaining in it, and the sculptural and graphic work of Eduardo Chillida.


Since then she exhibits regularly in France and abroad, among others at Celio Factory, Londres; Galerie la Ferronnerie, Paris; Transmitter Gallery, NY; Musée Regards de Provence, Marseille; Mia Art Gallery, Wrocław; New B Gallery, Shanghai.